LD CNC Machine provides speed, accuracy, reliability

“A large hotel job came in, I needed a cnc router that provided speed, accuracy and reliability and the LD ticked all them boxes.”

After talking to Jordan I felt you were the right people along with this machine. You have to understand that the supplier of the machine is also vital rather than someone selling me a machine then vanishing with no good support.


Owner, Zenon Furniture

Zenon Furniture specialise in creating high quality bespoke furniture for both domestic and commercial requirements.

Zenon Furniture are manufacturers of bespoke furniture for hotels, commercial & domestic settings including healthcare, offices, university accommodation & property developers.

Whether you are looking for items for your office, Studio, hotel or your property, Zenon Furniture can create products from existing templates or create one from scratch.

Using the latest in CAD design and machinery, Zenon Furniture can replicate your vision from start to finish.

LD CNC Router

Zenon Furniture

Zenon Furniture purchased one of our LD CNC Routers.

Here is what Jimmy, Owner of  Zenon Furniture had to say about his experience of purchasing from CNC World:

1. What Market sector does your company operate in?


2. What does you company produce?

Wooden Furniture for multiple sectors

3. What equipment did you require and how did you find out about the equipment to meet your requirements?

CNC Routers, CNC edger’s multi boring, panel saws.

Found out what I needed with research

4. What specific features or capabilities of our LD CNC machine attracted you and influenced your purchasing decision?

The way the machine was made and also the components used were branded, also the software for the controller is amazing. Also helical track instead of straight track. Obviously COST.

5. Were there any specific projects or applications that you had in mind when deciding to purchase our LD CNC machine? If so, how do you anticipate the machine meeting your requirements?

Yes. A large hotel job came in, I needed speed, accuracy, reliability and it ticked all them boxes. After talking to Jordan I felt you were the right people along with this machine.

You have to understand that the supplier of the machine is also vital rather than someone selling me a machine then vanishing with no good support.

6. How did our LD CNC machine compare to other options you considered in terms of quality, price, and overall value for your business?

The machine compared the same as others but then when you looked further into it, it was very apparent that there was no comparison because other machines used cheap components, cheap bearings, cheap router heads, so the LD was a complete different animal all together

7. Did you receive any recommendations or feedback from others in your industry that influenced your decision to purchase our LD CNC machine?

None at all, it was my son that called around and got me to talk to CNC world. Jordan, the sales manager, did not put down any of the other makes or companies, but just pointed out the differences and when I looked into what he said he was 100% correct. I felt I had dodged a bullet and I bought the LD CNC machine. I have been so happy with the LD CNC machine and also CNC worlds support.

8. What materials do you use in your manufacturing?

Primarily MFC & MDF

9. Is time of production an important consideration to your business?


10. What was your deciding factor to go ahead with the purchase of the LD?

Same as question 7, plus the components used to build it and ease of controller software.

11. How easy is the machine to use?

Very easy!

12. Does the machine meet your expectations?


13. How have you found the customer journey with CNC World to be from initial enquiry to delivery?

100% amazing and would recommend CNC world to everyone.

14. How have you found the after sales support to be from CNC World?

100% The family based business is an important factor for me. I feel that the guys at CNC world are all friends of mine!

15. What has the purchase of the machine done for your business?

The biggest thing was it took away all worries of the machine breaking down and has always delivered 100% reliability and quality 100%.

16. Looking ahead, what do/did you hope to achieve or accomplish with the help of our LD CNC machine, and how do you anticipate it will contribute/how has it contributed to your business growth and success?

Our CNC is the most integral part of our company and if it failed or suffered with accuracy we would be finished.


Are you looking for a bespoke modular furniture manufacturer? Do you require consistency across your range of hotel suites? If you would like to purchase a product that well made in the UK, then give Zenon Furniture a call today on +44 (0) 1603 712 169 or visit their website: zenonfurniture.com