MultiCam: A Legacy of Quality and Innovation in CNC Cutting Solutions

Founded in 1989, MultiCam has been a cornerstone of the global manufacturing industry for over 30 years. The company takes pride in producing high-quality, Made-in-America products, utilising American-made steel, components, and a skilled workforce.

Customised CNC Machines for Diverse Industries:

MultiCam has a rich history of delivering more than 14,500 customised CNC machines, each built to last and tailored to specific customer needs. The company offers innovative CNC cutting solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. These include sign making, digital finishing, aerospace, automotive, sheet-metal and plate-steel processing, hardwoods, cabinet making, thermoform trimming, and plastics fabrication.

Global Presence and Extensive Support Network:

With a global outlook, MultiCam extends support to its customers through an extensive network of sales, service, and process application experts. They have a presence in 60 locations worldwide, with 20 Technology Centres scattered across North America. This network ensures comprehensive assistance to customers, reinforcing their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Diverse Product Portfolio:

MultiCam’s product portfolio encompasses a range of cutting-edge CNC machines, including CNC Routers, Digital Cutters, Lasers, Plasma cutters, and Waterjet cutting machines. The company remains at the forefront of technology, consistently offering cutting solutions that meet evolving industry needs.

Integration with Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems:

In August 2021, MultiCam Inc. underwent a significant development by being acquired by Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems (Kongsberg PCS). Kongsberg PCS is renowned for delivering robust and reliable digital cutting solutions to packaging, signage, and display markets across the globe. The company was originally founded in 1965 in Kongsberg, Norway, and all Kongsberg PCS solutions are currently produced in Brno, Czech Republic.

Ownership and Global Reach:

Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems is under the ownership of OpenGate Capital, a private equity firm with its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, and a European office in Paris. OpenGate Capital’s investments span across five continents, adding a strategic dimension to the global reach of Kongsberg PCS and, by extension, MultiCam.

The acquisition by Kongsberg PCS signifies an exciting chapter for MultiCam, promising further advancements and synergies in the field of CNC cutting solutions. The combined expertise and global resources strengthen MultiCam’s position as a leader in the industry, committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions to its diverse clientele.

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