What are industrial shredders?

Before we look at the key considerations when choosing an industrial shredder we need to look at what they actually are. Industrial shredders work by chopping up large items into smaller ones, either to reduce the size of the waste materials or to recycle it into something else. They are designed to work in tough environments, shredding large quantities of different materials.

But note, not all shredders are designed equally so we look at some of the key considerations to think about before buying.

What materials can it shred?

Some industrial shredders are designed to shred paper (and lots of it), and therefore might be more suited to a large office block setting, others can shred a large range of materials including wood and plastic.

It’s not just the type that needs to be considered but the size and shape of the materials also. Ensure that there is a large enough feeder so that you don’t have the additional manual labour of cutting the materials down first. Some industrial shredders also come with a conveyor system for automatic loading to maximise productivity and save labour time.

Output specification

What do you want to do with the waste materials post shredding? If you are shredding wood you have the opportunity to turn this into another valuable resource for example biomass fuel, briquettes or wood chip. This could be something that you can use within your business to reduce energy costs or sold on to increase revenue.

If you want to shred plastic there are companies who will buy your shredded materials or you may just be focused on reducing the size. Talk to the various manufacturers to determine which machines can reduce the waste materials down to the size you want.

If uniformity of the materials that come out of the shredder are an important factor look for machines that have double rotor knives. These also increase the throughput and reduce energy consumption.


How much space do you have to house your shredder? Some companies offer a bespoke building service so don’t be put off if the space you have available is awkward.


How much do you want to shred and how much can the machine shred? There is a vast difference in the amount of materials different industrial shredders can shred per hour – even in the range we offer. This means that you can buy one that is suitable for your business now and in the future, without breaking your budget.

Is it designed to work where you want it to?

If you are in a workspace with CNC machines cutting for much of the day there will be debris and dust, no matter how careful you are. This means that the industrial shredder has to be able to withstand this. Look for shredders that have an encased motor and hydraulic pump, offering protection and lower ongoing maintenance costs.

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