Most famously used to almost cut James Bond in half, a CNC Laser Cutter can cut some of the strongest materials known to man.

In general a laser uses a much smaller kerf, resulting in material savings and virtually no debris. More intricate cutting and engraving on a wider range of materials is possible with a CNC Laser Cutter. It is also possible to achieve a finer detail than with any other cutting method.

There are two types of CNC Laser Cutter Machines available, CO2 and Fibre.

CO2 CNC Laser Cutter

CO2 Laser Cutters can engrave as well as cut, working over large areas with a resolution equivalent to printing. Ceramic tiles, slate, glass, acrylic and wood can all be engraved with a good CNC Laser Cutter. Some machines are set up to be able to position and lift materials like granite up to a weight of 4000 pounds giving more flexibility and potential new revenue streams. *Always speak to the different manufacturers to discuss your requirements when comparing different models.

It is well known that lasers do a great job cutting acrylic, and that they leave a highly polished edge in one pass, far better than those cut by other methods. But what is not as well known is that lasers also produce quality work on many other materials for a variety of applications.

Metals – Provides a smooth edge finish to a precise tolerance.

Stencils – Lasers can cut thin films and stencils with outstanding precision, fine detail, and high speed. From polyester to stainless steel to exotic films, lasers offer a superior cut quality.

Rubber and cushioning – Lasers can contour cut a wide range of elastomers, EVA’s, composites, and laminated show and support products.

Wood – Lasers are ideal for woodworking applications including cutting of veneers for inlay work, furniture, and automotive interiors as well as cutting parquetry and die board for steel rule dies.

Thin film – There is no better way to precisely cut to a material backer and selectively cut multiple layers than with a laser. Lasers are the most reliable and quick non-contact way to kiss cut.

Foam – able to cut a range of foam and packaging up to 100mm thick.

Fibre CNC Laser Cutter

With faster cutting speeds than a CNC Plasma Machine and a higher precision than a CNC Waterjet Machine a Fibre Laser Cutter offers quality and flexibility not found elsewhere in the CNC family.

A fibre laser machine is specifically designed for easily cutting through most types of metal including steal and copper.

What can’t a laser cutter do?

Although CNC laser Cutter Machines are flexible and offer a high degree of accuracy in their work it is important to note that there are materials which you should not cut due to the reactions it can cause. For example cutting PVC on a laser cutter would produce hydrochloric acid due to the chemical reaction so you should always speak to the supplier or manufacturer about what you want to cut and therefore which CNC machine is best for you.

CNC machines vary greatly in price so it is important to talk to the supplier or manufacturer about your business needs to understand which CNC machine is the perfect match for the job.

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