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“Prior to purchasing our Multicam Axis 3R’s, we had two similar sized CNC routers that could not cut accurately over 2m in size and could not deliver high repeatability. We had demonstration sessions with three major CNC router brands and ONLY Multicam were able to deliver the accuracy and repeatability that was essential to us.”

Al Higgs

Managing Director, Simply Plastics

With over 30 years’ experience working with plastic products and materials, Simply Plastics have the knowledge and the know-how to deliver your requirements. As a leading stockist of plastic sheeting, they have material options to suit a wide range of projects, including:

Perspex sheets that have a variety of uses and are available in many different colours and finishes including clear, coloured, cast, extruded and mirrored. 

Polycarbonate sheets which are available in many different finishes including clear, opal and prismatic.

Simply Plastics have a team of highly skilled CAD technicians and machine operators with a wealth of expertise, including laser cutting and engraving. They have a proven ability to offer a wide range of competitive solutions for both businesses and individuals. Their optimisation tools ensure that each job is completed efficiently, in terms of material used and time taken.

They have two Multicam Apex 3R (3 Axis) CNC routers, which are renowned for their accuracy and are able to run continuously with reassuring reliability. Parts are produced at extremely low tolerances, with exceptionally high repeatability. They enable Simply Plastics to machine sheet sizes up to 3m x 2m, with a thickness of up to 100mm.

Simply Plastics provide a flexible and as versatile CNC routing service. Their customers can supply their own CAD drawing, or alternatively their experienced CAD technicians can create a CAD drawing from any basic design supplied. Their multiple machine set-up allows them to offer long runs, short runs, one-off parts and prototypes.

Simply Plastics pride themselves on their versatility and flexibility. They can accommodate long runs, short runs, one-offs and prototypes. As they are not restricted to set standard sizing, they can cut plastics to any size and shape required.

Take a look at the case study below and you’ll see how pleased they are with the Multicam CNC Routers they purchased from CNC World.​

Simply Plastics have purchased two Multicam CNC Apex 3R Machines and we took a visit to their production facility in Colchester, Essex. Here is what they had to say about them:

  1. What Market sector does your company operate in?
  2. We’re a supplier of plastic products cut to order.

  3. What does you company produce?
  4. Predominantly we produce panels cut to the customers specifications, which can be ordered in approximately 10 different types of plastics across 100+ variations of colours, thickness and surface finish. We also produce many components and prototypes for industries such as automotive, lighting & healthcare all of which require us to work to extremely tight tolerances.

  5. What specific features or capabilities of our Multicam CNC machine attracted you and influenced your purchasing decision?
  6. Prior to purchasing our Multicam Axis 3R’s, we had two similar sized CNC routers that could not cut accurately over 2m in size and could not deliver high repeatability. We had demonstration sessions with three major CNC router brands and ONLY Multicam were able to deliver the accuracy and repeatability that was essential to us.

  7. How did our Multicam CNC machine compare to other options you considered in terms of quality, price, and overall value for your business?
  8. Price seemed extremely similar to that of the other two major manufacturer selling in the UK, however we felt that the build quality and accuracy was far better on the Multicams.

  9. Did you receive any recommendations or feedback from others in your industry that influenced your decision to purchase our Multicam CNC machine?
  10. Yes, we spoke to several business owners that offer a similar product and service to Simply Plastics and they were very extremely complimentary in regards to the performance of their Multicam routers. This helped us to determine that Multicam routers would continue to deliver results in the long-term.

  11. What materials do you use in your manufacturing?
  12. We use Acrylic, Polycarbonate, ACM, PVC Foam and various other engineering plastics.

  13. Is time of production an important consideration to your business?
  14. Absolutely – every day we have hundreds of customer orders to produce and time from the customer placing the order to being dispatched is essential. For that reason, it is important that our production team can keep up with customer demand which is made possible by Multicam routers that can operate at a fast pace, and importantly don’t break down.

  15. What was your deciding factor to go ahead with the purchase of the MultiCam?
  16. We felt that the build quality, accuracy and repeatability were superior to the other brand CNC routers that we tested. Furthermore, we were extremely confident that CNC World’s engineers were extremely knowledgeable and would be able to diagnose and resolve any issues were they to arise.

  1. How easy is the machine to use?
  2. There was of course a period of transition as our operators got used to the new software and control interface, however within 1/2 weeks they were operating the machines like they had used them for years. Furthermore, and perhaps the largest indicator of how easy the machines are to operate, our team have not had to reach out to CNC World to ask for guidance whatsoever.

  3. Does the machine meet your expectations?
  4. The machines absolutely surpassed our expectations. Both machines are three years old and have operated for 50+ hours every week and yet are still delivering a tolerance within 0.1mm. Furthermore we have experienced no more than a few hours downtime in the past 3.5 years.

  5. What has the purchase of the machine done for your business?
  6. Having two Multicam routers within our business has given us the confidence that we are able to deliver work to the tightest of tolerances, and expand our business into markets that we have not traditionally focussed on.

If you need a plastic product produced to order then contact Simply Plastics. All orders are carefully dispatched in protective packaging from their Head Office in Colchester, and all deliveries are made by reputable delivery companies nationally throughout the UK. They also offer an Express Delivery courier option for projects required on a fast turn around.

They have a proven track record of delivering competitive, cost-effective solutions for both businesses and individuals within a variety of diverse sectors, from education to retail to construction. They pride themselves not just on meeting our customers’ requirements – but on exceeding their expectations.

Phone them on: 01206 638056


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