The Client: Facit Homes Industry: Creators of individually designed, high performance, low energy homes CNC Machine: MultiCam Apex 1R CNC router

“The MultiCam’s are immaculate in how they are made.”

Bruce Bell, CEO

Facit Homes

Facit Homes are an award-winning design and build company dedicated to delivering contemporary, low carbon homes. Established in 2007, and featured on Grand Designs as the world’s first computer-cut house, the Facit Homes team build differently.

Facit Homes uses digital manufacturing technology to create individually designed, high performance homes. Their progressive approach combines total design freedom with a guaranteed level of quality, sustainability and value. The result is a low energy, modern home that is perfectly tailored to the home owners needs.

Using a Mobile Production Facility (MPF) housing a MulitCam CNC Machine they cut their advanced structural system on site. Their MPF can be moved around the country from site to site saving on both shipping costs and time, manufacturing overheads and puts Facit Homes in an advantageous position to create beautiful, bespoke homes. Following the success of their first MPF and with the extensive growth of the company they have commissioned a second MPF with a MulitCam Apex 1R to cope with the increasing number of build projects. We interviewed Bruce Bell, Founder and CEO, to find out more about how their MultiCam fits into the story.

Why did you choose a MultiCam?

Bruce Bell, MD of Facit Homes, thoroughly researched the machinery needed to facilitate their build requirements. “There were several reasons why we chose to buy a MultiCam Router from CNC World. They are nicely engineered, sturdy and solid but not too bulky with unnecessary weight. Other brands create over complicated machines that don’t actually do more. There was also the simplicity side (of running the machine) – you don’t need a PHD to operate them.” They have been so pleased with the reliability and ease of use of the MulitCam they purchased that they have come back to CNC World to purchase a second machine. This time the model chosen was the ‘best in class’ MulitCam Apex 1R. Facit Homes then set about commissioning the build of the new MPF which CNC World were happy to accommodate on site during its production. The new MPF is nearing completion with just a few more minor tweaks before the customer takes it on site.  We look forward to seeing it on location at various sites through out the UK as Facit Homes put it to good use.

How easy was it to get started with your new CNC machine?

“Apart from the fact that we use our machine in an unusual environment, we haven’t had any problems with our machine. It was just plug and play!

What advice would you give to someone looking to purchase a CNC machine?

  1. “Do your research
  2. Understand your expectations and what you require
    1. Are you a small workshop designing things on the fly or is it a production machine where the design work is done elsewhere?
  3. The accuracy is really important if you don’t have a stiff bed and quality of the base if you put a heavy material on the bed it can move – the difference of a few millimetres can be the difference of whether something fits together. In furniture and joinery this is obviously essential!
  4. Additional extras can seem like a great idea but do you need them? Don’t over spec!”

If you would like to find out more about Facit Homes you can visit their website here or to watch them on Grand Designs and see their MulitCam in action, click here.