Saving you time and money

There are several additional features available across our CNC machine range which are designed to save you time and optimise your production capabilities. Please see options below and contact us for further information. Contact us to find out more.

2D Rapid Shape Digitiser

Quickly and easily scan two dimensional shapes in order to digitise them. This method helps by saving production time from manually tracing or drawing the part.

Automatic Hands Free Surface Probe & Calibration Sensor

MultiCam’s easy to use, low cost and value-added Automatic Hands-Free Surface Probe and Calibration Sensor option. Machine operators can accurately and semi-automatically set material surface and calibrate tools while keeping their hands free from the cutting head.

CNC Router Options for Productivity Active Dust Boot

Automatically having the dust boot change position to maintain dust bristles at surface of material regardless of different tool lengths of depth of cut allows for maximum particulate pick up.

CNC Router 4th Axis Lathe Option

The lathe option allows the user to cut and shape three dimensional pieces like columns, pillars, and elongated shaped projects

CNC Router Options For Productivity – Sheet Size Vacuum Zones & Operations

A four zoned vacuum system allows for the most popular sheet sizes to be accurately and effectively held in place, simply turned on and off with four corresponding switches. This provides maximum hold down whilst the machine is in operation. 

CNC Router Options for Productivity Laser Pointer

Make setup easier with this CrossHair laser tool. By adding a laser pointer to your router you can set home and align your machine to sheet materials faster, this is especially useful when using heavy materials on a CNC Waterjet or Plasma where you wouldn’t want to move the sheet around of when cutting remnants on a CNC Router.

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