Industrial size 3D Printers for Additive Manufacturing


Massivit has a range of large scale 3D printers that are transforming manufacturing across a range of industries including aerospace, automotive, marine, rail, consumer goods, sporting goods, and scenic fabrication.

These industrial size 3D printers enable manufacturers to produce full-scale, custom production parts, industrial moulds, or functional prototypes within hours.

Massivit’s large format 3D printers are based on two innovative technologies, Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) and Cast In Motion (CIM), that dramatically streamline manufacturing workflows, reduce costs, and minimise material waste.

10000 Series

A game changer for composite materials manufacturing, the Massivit 10000 & 10000 G 3D Printers automate mould production and tooling, allowing directly printed industrial moulds based on any geometry within days, instead of weeks.

5000 Series

The Massivit 5000 Max & 5000 3D Printers deliver a new league in large scale 3D printing, enabling manufacturers to print full-scale custom end parts and functional prototypes at 30 times the speed of other 3D printers.

3000 Series

The Massivit 3000 delivers an unparalleled combination of a large print volume, phenomenal production speed, excellent part quality, and an unbeatable price point for retail, advertising, event displays and scenic fabrication.