MASSIVit M5000 3D Printer

Industrial Grade – Ultra Fast – Large Scale 3D Printing

The M5000 is the latest model in the Massivit range; it is the fastest printer on the market. It’s dual print heads allows for multiple parts to be produced at the same time using different materials.


Capable of printing parts up to 1.8m tall, the M5000 can produce large parts from one print.


Massivit is the only company to use Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) whereby photo polymeric material is instantly UV cured as it is extruded. GDP is 30x faster than FFD


Producing parts with the Massivit M5000 is less labour intensive, reduces lead times and requires no tooling to be outsourced from secondary companies.

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The Most Advanced 3D Printing

Massivit 3d print head scaled back


Various Layer Thicknesses

From high definition printing at a bead thickness of only .5mm to prioritising speed of delivery at a bead thickness of 1.5mm, the M5000 has five different thicknesses depending on whether precision or speed is most important.

Massivit 3d print head scaled back


Two heads are better than one!

Fitted with two print heads and the capability of printing with different materials in each, the Massivit M5000 can print two separate designs simultaneously. This means more output on less running time.

Print times are estimated to be 30x faster than industrial, smaller printers.

Massivit 3d print head scaled back


Remote monitoring

Equipped with 3 cameras, the Massivit M5000 allows you to watch the print whilst in process. Each print head has it’s own camera to monitor the print performance.