Introducing MultiCam’s latest generation of heavy-duty bridge and rail plasma cutting system, enabling continuous cutting of tough materials while shortening the processing time. The Arcos from MultCam is designed to cut various types of thick plate metals up to 6 inches and is available in numerous sizes up to 10’ x 27’.

Arcos is a complete ground up design with the latest power supplies from Hypertherm and the latest automatic oxy fuel system from IHT. A well balanced design with a low profile while maintaining a 8′ cut clearance giving it a low center of gravity for optimal motion at 50% higher speeds and 200% faster accelerations than previous models. The Arcos system from MultiCam touts best in class motion for  ultra smooth cuts, while utilizing all the latest process control libraries from valuable partners like Hypertherm and IHT. 

A bevel option is available offering 5 Axis cutting which is powered by Esautomation for ultra smooth cuts. Watch the video or download the brochure here. 

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