The Client: Fuller Moto
Industry: Unique, Custom Made Vehicle parts
CNC Machine: MultiCam WaterJet 3000 Series

“We’ve gone from having to wait for other shops to create our parts for us to now making them in house at a fraction of the time and cost. We’re in control rather than being at the mercy of someone else.”

Bryan Fuller, Owner

Fuller Moto

The background

A five person fabrication team, Fuller Moto have been customising cars and motorcycles since 2000. Their mission is to create rolling works of art that entertain and inspire people, taking people’s dreams and turning them into a reality that they can drive. A leading specialist with a great reputation Fuller Moto’s has also started running a range of educational workshops to teach people about customising their own vehicles.

Why did you choose MultiCam?

Owner, Bryan Fuller, chose MultiCam because it was user friendly with easy to use software. Having previously owned a plasma machine they moved to a MultiCam waterjet “because you can accurately cut so many types of material. Whether you’re cutting really thick or thin materials, the accuracy stays the same. There is no clamping involved and we were able to greatly reduce our clean up times.”

What benefits have you seen since implementing your MultiCam machine?

Everything created in the fabrication shop is custom made and unique. Fuller’s customer base are spending a lot of money to have their ideas turned into reality and that reality has got to be perfect. They used to outsource much of the cutting work but found that this was much more expensive, took longer and they were then reliant on someone else to do the job to their exacting standards. With their MultiCam Waterjet they can now do all of this in house at a fraction of the cost whilst maintaining their reputation. 

You can find out more about Fuller Moto at their website

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