Specifically designed for customers using CNC Machines for cabinet making, shop fitting, robe & closet, bench & countertop, building & cladding, signage & display industries.

CabMaster CAD/CAM CNC Software

CabMaster is one of the leading software providers servicing the woodworking and aluminium composite panel (ACP) fabrication industries. Our products are specifically designed for and used by customers in: cabinet making; shop fitting; robe / closet; bench / countertop; building and cladding; and signage and display industries.

CabMaster has a proven record with over 25 years of service.

As a result, the industry’s demand for a full production system is satisfied using the programs that enable seamless integration from design to CNC machine.


CabMaster has specialised software tools for your specific needs.

CabMaster Software is central to the cabinet making industry.

Additionally, CabMaster offer a range of specialist packages including PartMaster, DoorMaster, ShapeMaster and BoxMaster, along with more variants in development.

The team at CabMaster and our distributors, are fully committed to customers of CabMaster software products.

CabMaster Designer Series Software

Transform your business with CabMaster Software. Create detailed plan and elevation views, 3D renderings, and win over your clients with immersive 3D walkthroughs. Easily generate cutting lists and reports for all types of cabinetry, from kitchens, to vanities to closets and more. Give your customers the ultimate design experience and streamline your process with CabMaster Software

CabMaster Designer 3D

Elevate your designs and brand with our powerful, user-friendly software. Easily create Plan and Elevation views as well as stunning 3D renders and walk-throughs. Drag and drop your way to stunning drawings with our extensive libraries. Personalised templates featuring your brand logo help to elevate your designs and your brand awareness.

CabMaster Designer CL

Introducing CabMaster Designer CL, our most popular package for designers! With all the features of Designer 3D and more. Design and create with ease. Effortlessly generate accurate cut lists, hardware and door lists. Upgrade your design process today with CabMaster Designer CL.

CabMaster Designer Pro

Maximise your productivity and efficiency with our complete designer package, including all the features of Designer 3D and Designer CL. Plus easily save your own cabinet designs for future projects using the Library Catalogue Manager. Do you use a Panel Saw? Our Panel Estimator will optimise your project for cutting, saving you time, Money and Material


BoxMaster Software allows you to swiftly design and save prototypes for both boxes and Point of Sale displays.

Benefit from hundreds of box designs and a range of display stands at your disposal or unleash your creativity with customisable variations.

With parametric control and a 3D rendered view, easily spot any folding issues before production.

Looking to streamline your manufacturing process?

BoxMaster Software with integrated EzyNest allows you to process and nest your projects seamlessly. Customise sheet size and tooling setup before processing. Plus, easily cut any shape and import DXF borders for precision. Experience efficient and accurate production with BoxMaster Software!

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