American made MultiCam CNC Routers

Multicam Apex 3R CNC Router

Useful for a wide variety of applications and can cut a variety of materials


Constructed from a welded steel frame, each machine is built to last and provide years of reliable service. Known for their ease-of-use, MultiCam’s CNC Routers offer next level manufacturing capabilities for both novice and experienced CNC operators.

The Apex3R CNC router is useful for a wide variety of applications, the most common are for sign making, woodworking, and marine part fabrication.

Multicam Apex 3R CNC Router

the Apex3R offers world class motion, speed, and cut quality.

Multicam Apex 3R

All-Steel Construction

The sturdy base frame is manufactured using thick tube steel, this robust design provides the stability and support for the machine to excel in cutting applications.

With the ability to cut through materials up to 5 inches thick, the Apex3R ensures minimal vibration and tight control during the entire cutting process, resulting in precision and accuracy that is unmatched in its class.


Multiple Cutting Technologies

Collet and ATC spindle options ranging from 24-32K RPM and up to 13.3 HP.

Single or dual knives options: automatic drag knife changer, pneumatic or electric oscillating knife allowing the Apex3R to deliver exceptional cutting capacity and speed on a wide variety of materials and applications.


Precise Cut Quality

A high-precision gearbox and a tightly tuned AC servo motor system on 25 mm linear rails with a helical rack. This configuration ensures very low backlash and delivers pristine cut quality with precise accuracy.


MultiCam’s Apex3R CNC Router sets a superior standard for routing capabilities as it offers the perfect balance of performance and precision. With cut speeds up to 1,950 inches per minute (IPM), the Apex3R offers world class motion, speed, and cut quality.

With the Apex3R CNC router, you get a number of features standard, including:

  • A heavy, all-steel tube frame that ensures durability. This makes your CNC machine more rigid, which reduces vibration and improves routing quality.
  • EZ Control operator interface so you can start routing right away and have minimal interruption in your work processes.
  • A three-axis motion control system gives you tight control over routing quality for precision and quality cutting your customers will love.

Optional extras of the Apex3R CNC Router include:

  • An automatic tool changer to make changes in cutting parts fast
  • A fully programmable CNC knife that allows you to cut a wide range of materials (such as rubber, foam, gaskets, textiles)
  • Spindle options ranging from 4-13.4 HP
  • A coolant mist system for cutting non-iron metals, and several others.

With the Apex3R CNC Router, you can cut a variety of materials, including plastic, foam, composite materials, wood, etc.

The Apex3R is a useful router for a wide variety of applications, the most common are for sign making, woodworking, and marine part fabrication.


  • Woodworking industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Automotive
  • Nautical
  • Rail
  • Plastic industry
  • Visual communications
  • Plus more…


  • Plastic
  • Foam
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Composite materials
  • Wood

Technical Information

Standard Features

Gantry Heights: 152 mm
203 mm
Spindle 5.5 – 13.4 HP
Cut Speed


Standard Work Surface

 25mm Phenolic

Automatic Tool Calibration Sensor


Automatic Surfacing Probe

XY axis transmission Helical Rack & Pinion
Z axis transmission Ball Screw
Vacuum Table Yes

Safety Light Beam System

CE Certified  Yes

Optional Extras


  • Vacuum table and pumps
  • Wide range of spindle options
  • Linear automatic tool changer
  • MultiCam CNC Knife with optional cutting heads
  • Spindle options 5.5 HP to 13.4 HP
  • Coolant mist systems for non-ferrous metal cutting
  • Vision systems for print registration compensation
  • Tangential knife cutters
  • 2D Digitizer
  • Dust extraction
  • Material location pins
  • CAD/CAM Software
  • Air compressor
  • Heavy, all-steel tube frame construction
  • Automatic tools changer
  • MultiCam EZ Control user-friendly operator interface
  • High-speed three axis motion control system
  • Unlimited file size transfer capabilities
  • Brushless digital AC servo drive system
  • EZ Suite Software
  • Safety lightbeam system
    Features subject to change without notice.

Standard Table Sizes

1346 x 2540 mm
1600 x 3073 mm
2108 x 3073 mm

Custom sizes available on request.