High-performance & accurate 5 axis CNC routers


Multiax 5 Axis CNC Centres

Multiax International, based in Italy, custom design and build CNC Machining Centres with attention to detail, skilled craftsmanship, engineering, and design. Multiax CNC machines are designed and produced to last longer while ensuring maximum technical performance, enabling our customer’s economic success.

Multiax 5 Axis CNC Machines are more than solutions to manufacturing issues providing more production capabilities and greater profitability. They are 5-axis machining centres for fast and accurate machining of complex 3D surfaces which are generally used in the plastic and composites industry.

T Series

5 Axis CNC Router

The T Series is the perfect closed cell CNC 5-axis machining center. Multiax has developed a 5-axis machining center for fast and accurate machining.

P Series

5 Axis CNC Router

The modular design of the P Series has three bridge sizes which can be extended with 1.5-meter pitch modules, creating an infinite combination of sizes.

K Series

5 Axis CNC Router

The K Series is a compact, highly powerful, precise and versatile 5-axis CNC milling and machining centre mounted on a monobloc basement.

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