We have been specifying and maintaining MultiCam CNC machines for over 17 years. We sell a range of MultiCam CNC Machines to suit your business needs.

A comprehensive range of American made MultiCam CNC machines, each built to order and customisable for you to get a machine which is specific to your business needs. We also hold a range of in stock MultiCam CNC routers and second hand MultiCam CNC machines for quick delivery.

With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing CNC machines, MultiCam is one of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative cutting solutions for a wide range of industries.

Each CNC Router is built to order. Our machines are fully customisable for the end user to get a router which is specific to their business needs.

Constructed from a welded steel frame, each machine is built to last and provide years of reliable service. Known for their ease-of-use, MultiCam’s CNC Routers offer next level manufacturing capabilities for both novice and experienced CNC operators.

Manufactured in Dallas, Texas, each machine is extensively tested prior to leaving the factory to ensure longevity and uncompromising quality for the life of the cutting system. MultiCam is supported by a global network of experts that encompass 60 Technology Centres around the world as well as sales and service representatives in over 100 countries. Training, service and lifetime telephone support are always within reach.

MultiCam Apex 3R CNC router


MultiCam manufactures a variety of space saving, moving gantry CNC routers. Each machine is available in various sizes and specifications to meet your requirements. There are several additional features available including the 2D rapid shape digitiser. This offers quick and easy scanning of 2D shapes in order to digitise them, saving prodcution time from manual tracing and ensuring a precise match.


For any cutting application requiring value, performance and versatility without heat. High-pressure CNC waterjet machining systems offer unique advantages over other cutting technologies. Waterjets are able to cut virtually any material with a high degree of accuracy without heat.

Every MultiCam waterjet comes with a number of customisable options so that you can get exactly what you need including models with either 3 or 5 axis. These machines are manufactured with certified laser calibration equipment, ensuring precision and quality. Heavy steel frames ensure durability and stability for consistent accurate cutting.

multicam CNC waterjet
multicam cnc plasma


Imagine the high torque and lateral stress that router cutting generate. Applying the same principles, we’ve learned over time that cutting with plasma produces an amazingly smooth, clean cut.

Whether it is the high speed contouring system that the 3000 Series offers with a downdraft table to remove all of the debris and dust to give you a clear work space or the 6000 Series bridge and rail offering a vibration free cut to ensure precision.



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MultiCam CNC Laser Machine
MultiCam CNC Knife machine


Specialising in 3 and 5 axis positioning systems for more than 15 years, CNC World proudly offers the MultiCam Celero Range. For applications ranging from sign making to aerospace implements, we have an affordable digital finisher loaded with versatile features that can register, route and knife-cut at high speeds for you.

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