LD 3015F

Fibre Laser cutting machine with protective cover

The fibre laser cutting machine uses a non-contact process, so it does not damage the material being cut. The finished cut products have no deformation, burrs, or need for manual re-grinding.

The fibre laser can cut quickly and operates steadily with low noise output. It does not produce dust or harmful substances while cutting.

1. Protective cover: The protective cover seals off the entire cutting area. This effectively prevents the leakage of harmful gases like dust and smoke, protecting the operator’s health. The large enclosure also reduces noise and stops debris created during cutting from affecting the area around the machine.

2. Programmable control system: The programmable control system is flexible and adjustable. It can be programmed and tuned as needed to handle different cutting jobs.

3. High-precision cutting head: The precision and performance of the cutting head directly impacts the quality and speed of the cuts. The high-precision cutting head can make smoother cuts, reduce deformation and burrs, and increase cutting speed.

In summary, the fibre laser cutting machine with a protective cover is high-level equipment. It is highly efficient, precise, and automated. It is suitable for various cutting tasks, especially high-volume production.


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