The Client: BikeStow 
Industry: Designers and creators of bike storage units
CNC Machine: MultiCam 3000 Series CNC Router

“Make sure that the company you are buying from can offer the support you need.The best thing about working with CNC World has been the people and the support they’ve given us.”

George Laight


Bikestow create bike racks for the home, for the office and for vans. A unique design which folds away when not in use and secures the wheel rather than the frame reducing potential damage to the bike.

BikeStow bought their refurbished MultiCam 3000 CNC Router last year and have been up and running with it for six months. “We had planned to bring a design in house at a time over a six month period but it was so easy to get started with our new machine that we had brought all 4 designs in house within two months.”

Why did you choose to work with CNC World?

“When we were looking there were a few factors. We needed something immediately, a machine at the right price and the support package involved. As it was our first machine we knew we would need some hand holding in terms of training and ongoing support.” The family team at BikeStow chose a refurbished MultiCam CNC Router after coming to see the machine in action cutting one of their bike rack designs and being impressed with the exceptional finish.

What benefits have you seen since implementing your MultiCam machine?

Initially we were outsourcing the machining work to another company but with the business growing and a move from our home garage to a proper unit we decided the time was right to buy our own CNC machine.

“Outsourcing the machining was the biggest cost to the business so we wanted to buy our own CNC machine and bring this in house. This also meant we were able to have better control over the quality of what was being produced and the timescales.”

What advice would you give to someone looking to buy a new CNC machine?

“Make sure that the company you are buying from can offer the support you need. The best thing (about buying our machine from CNC World) has been the people and the support they’ve given. John our engineer has always been super quick with answers and solutions which has meant little downtime for our machine and business.”

You can find out more about BikeStow and their 5* rated products via their website

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