Speed up the manual handling of goods with strong, simple vacuum technology

TAWI Lifting Equipment

Panel Lifter

Vacuum sheet lifters for ergonomic lifting, tilting and rotation
Handling sheets of wood, metal, glass and plastic is easy and efficient with TAWI UK sheet lifters. Everyone can lift and tilt large sheets, powered by vacuum technology.

Sheet lifting that normally requires two people easily becomes a one-man job with efficient and ergonomic lifting systems from TAWI UK. Our vacuum gripper allows one person to easily lift 500 kg sheets without straining their back or shoulders. The user-friendly control panel makes the tool easy to manoeuvre and helps ensure safety for both operator and load. The vacuum gripper is conveniently mounted in a TAWI hoist for optimal speed and precision.

Tilting or rotating sheets can be back-breaking work, but a TAWI UK vacuum gripper makes the task effortless and efficient. Anyone can lift and tilt sheets up to 180 degrees, and rotate them if needed. Regardless of stature, everyone can lift! We design our tools so that everyone can use them, and lifting with a vacuum gripper requires minimal effort.

For high frequency lifting where speed is important, a vacuum lifter with suction feet designed especially for sheet lifting is the best solution. A vacuum lifter allows the operator to pick up sheets in no time, quickly lifting and moving them in place with a simple grip on the ergonomic handle. Efficient and effortless sheet handling, saving time and money in your business.

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