These single shaft shredders deliver maximum flexibility, durability and reliability

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Industrial Shredders

Our range of Ultra industrial shredders are innovative, competitively priced and boast advanced shredder technology with standard features that others would call optional extras. These single-shaft industrial shredders deliver maximum flexibility, durability, reliability and longevity with an excellent return on investment.

With three standard and additional bespoke sizes to choose from we have a shredder right for your business.

Key features of the Ultra Industrial Shredder Series include:

Supercut Counter Knives – for an exact adjustment of the cutting gap across the full rotor length offering cut consistency

WAP Gearbox – built to withstand the unique stresses imposed on transmission systems to increase reliability and durability

HD ‘K’ Sperical Bearing – rotor bearings are offset from the machine chassis to prevent dust penetration, helping your machine to last longer

Supercut Extended Hopper – the front flared hopper is designed to manage the processing of materials of various sizes and awkward shapes

Anti-Vibration Mounts – installation ready with built in anti-vibration material and mount design, leading to less noise pollution

Patented ‘v’ Rotor – with welded in knife carriers to enhance energy efficiency and generate lower hear output

Double Rotor Knives – housing double the number of knives of typical market competitors. The additional knives increases throughput levels by up to 30% and offers a more uniform fraction size as well as offering greater energy efficiency.

Encased Motor and Hydraulics – because often these machines work in harsh conditions, the Ultra Series have fully encased the electric motor and hydraulic pump to protect from dust, damage and the weather.

To find out more about the Ultra Industrial Shredder Series from Fercell click below or to speak to one of our team click here.

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