If only there was a one size fits all solution for choosing a CNC machine for woodwroking! It really depends on what you want to achieve and if you want to cut any additional materials. There are several cheap options available for hobbyists however below we look at the considerations for a professional, whether already a CNC machinist or looking to upscale their production.

Why use a CNC machine at all?

In the past the only option was to cut wood by hand or at least guide the tools by hand using a jig. However the additional time this can take, in addition to the manual handling potentially leading to mistakes and materials wastage, means that using a CNC machine allows you to become more productive whilst delivering a consistent, quality finish.

With a CNC machine the tools are moved by a computer, ensuring precision and product uniformity. Because the quality of the CNC machine directly correlates to the quality of the finished product it is important to think about the key variants and exactly what you want from your new machine.

Your CNC machine options

Although you can cut wood on a CNC Waterjet and a CNC CO2 Laser Machine both are more expensive. Unless you are also looking to cut materials such as stainless steel or titanium a CNC Routing Machine is your best option for cutting wood.

Our materials matrix gives you a complete run down of what CNC machine cuts what material.

Key considerations when choosing a CNC machine for cutting wood


The cost of a new CNC machine is always a key consideration but with so many cheap options flooding the market you need to think about more than just budget. That’s why we’ve chosen the word value rather than cost. The value of a machine could be in the quality of production, in how long the machine will last or in the support you’re offered in initial training or if something goes wrong.

Size of machine

How big is the machine and how much space have you got? What do you want to cut, or more accurately how big is the material you want to cut, as some machines will have the same size cutting bed but be bulkier and therefore take up more space.

Additional features

Do you want an automatic tool changer so that you don’t have to recalibrate the machine each time you switch tools? Or would a 2D digitiser help where your protype can be digitally scanned and reproduced? Do you want the addition of a knife to your CNC router to allow you to cut wood veneer and soft materials?

Ease of use

What controls system is used with the machine and how easy is it to use? If you are upgrading does your current software work with the new machine or can a translation link be set up so that you can continue to output your designs as you always have?

Support offered

What is the warranty, what happens at the end of this of this warranty, what support is included from training at the start to if anything went wrong?

Whether you are interested in an entry level model or a CNC Routing Machine that has an automatic tool changer we have a machine ideal for woodworking.to suit your business needs. View our gallery to see some examples of what our machines have created.

We have an internal and external support team, and with technicians on the road help is always at hand. With over 14,000 machines having been sold worldwide there is also the wider MultiCam support network and team available to answer your queries.

Speak to one of our team today to discuss your CNC needs.